Every professional needs a bag of tools, a go-to place for information, and resources to enhance service provision. In whatever capacity you work with deaf and hard of hearing students or their families, we hope you can find assistance here.

Professional Development Opportunities

We have information about professional development opportunities all over the state! Visit our Events section.

Other Resources for Professionals

Employment Opportunities


  • 15th Annual Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Meeting, March 13-15, 2016

    Since 2002, the National Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Meeting has provided key stakeholders an opportunity to identify areas of concern, promote collaboration, and share best practices. Come to San Diego and join with other professionals and parents intent on improving early hearing screening, diagnosis, and intervention systems for infants/young children and their families. Find out more at the EHDI meeting.

  • Statewide Conference of Education of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing July 18 - 20, 2016

    Join us in San Marcos for this year's conference with the theme "Igniting the Flame Within: The Pursuit of Student Success." Workshops for professionals and parents will cover topics including early childhood education, literacy, transition, technology and more. Walk away with the power to ignite your students’ kindling into bursting flames of learning! Find out more about the conference.

eLearning Opportunities

  • eLearning Opportunities for Deaf Ed Professionals

    eLearning opportunities for various deaf ed professionals have been gathered into this Livebinder for easy access.

  • Setting Language in Motion: Family Supports and Early Intervention

    Setting Language in Motion: Family Supports and Early Intervention for Babies who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing is a free, web-based resource developed as a collaborative effort between the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program of Boston Children's Hospital.

  • EIEIO Rules and Regs

    Still looking for the answer to "where does it say I have to...?" Our EIEIO Rules and Regs module will help you find the answers!

  • eLearning Opportunties from ESC Region 11

    Education Service Center Region 11 offers many eLearning opportunities in a variety of topics related to working with students who are deaf/hard of hearing. The registration for all of the courses are organized by topic in a Livebinder for easy access.

For Professionals

  • For Itinerant Teachers

    Livebinder with information about accommodations, listening and spoken language, inclusion, and much more.

  • For General Education Teachers

    Livebinder with information about having a student who is deaf/hard of hearing in class, using an interpreter, and more.

  • For Diagnosticians

    Livebinder with information about rules and regs, assessment, supports and accommodations, transition, and more.

  • For Early Interventionists

    Livebinder with information about newborn hearing screening, rules and regs, curricula, language development, and more.

  • For Speech Language Pathologists

    Livebinder with information about communication evaluation, social skills, listening and spoken language, and more.

  • For Administrators

    Livebinder with information about legal, funding, PEIMs, and more.

  • For Audiologists

    Livebinder with information about the world of educational audiology, Texas forms and polices, and more.

  • For Interpreters

    Livebinder with information about certification, organizations, EIPA, mentoring, and much more.


  • Signing Exact English Skillshops

    The Signing Exact English Skillshops provide training for adult learners and are designed to meet the needs of beginning as well as advanced users of Signing Exact English.

  • Communication Skills Workshops

    The Communication Skills Workshop (CSW) provides professional training for Interpreters (non-certified, Level I, II, III, and Basic), Interpreter-Aides, ASL Teachers, Deaf Education Teachers, and Parents of deaf or hard of hearing children in Texas

Request for Training

  • Training Requests

    Our partners offer many trainings that can be tailored to meet the needs of your program or area. Please contact us to set up a training at your district or your ESC.